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Home birth kits 

Home Births up 20% 

If I were at Home, I Would Have Died – The Trouble with Extrapolating Hospital Birth Events to Home Birth

5 Things You Should Never Say to a Home Birthing Mama

Home Birth has a New Super Spokesmodel

Home Birth: Why I Did It (And I’m Not a Hippie) 

Kaitlin Olsen Gives Birth at Home

Conscious Birth Affirmations 

Natural Birth Isn’t About Getting a Gold Star 

We Choose Natural Childbirth Because We Know What Goes on in the Hospitals 

35 Reasons to Choose a Home Birth

The Cochrane Library – Planned Hospital Birth vs Planned Home Birth

Outcomes of Planned Home Birth with Registered Midwife Versus Planned Hospital Birth with Midwife or Physician 

Home Versus Hospital Birth Study 

Planned Home vs Hospital Birth: A Meta-Analysis Gone Wrong 

“Home Birth as Safe as  Hospital Birth” 

The Normalizing Home Birth Project 

They Used to Burn Us 

Childrens Book: We’re Having a Homebirth! 

Why Should I Consider a Holistic Approach to Pregnancy & Childbirth? 

Guidelines for Responsible Birthing 

Is There No Place Like Home? Where Women Give Birth is a Contentious Issue Across the Rich World

A great blog follow up to the article above: The Economist’s Refreshingly Even-Handed Take on the Home Birth Debate

A Dads Journey Into Homebirth 

101 Tips for Having a Natural Childbirth

The Medical Establishment’s Ridiculous Opposition to Home Birth 

Great Letter on Home birth - From on MS to The American College of Obstetricians & Gynecologists (ACOG)

Time Magazine article “Giving Birth at Home”

LA Times Article “Midwives Deliver” 

In Praise of Midwives 

Love Natural Birth 

Indie Birth: Intellectual Fuel for Free Thinking Mamas

Home Birth Lessons 

The Essential Ingredient: Doula (video)

The McBirth Philosophy

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