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home birth resources

Find a Doula

Find a Midwife

labor comfort measures

“Birth Pains: It Gets Better With Time” 

“Midwifery Model of Care vs Medical Model of Care” 

“High Tech Interventions Deliver Huge Childbirth Bill

Are You a Good Canidate for Hospital Birth?

Video Clip: Six Steps to a Safer Birth 

Unhurrying the Moment of Mother & Baby Meeting 

Michel Odent on Gentle Birth (video)

“The Future of Birth”

Vaginal Childbirth: Computer Animation 

Ina May Gaskin Talks About Natural Birth (video)

Conscious Birth Affirmations 

“How Movies & Medicine Mess with Our Ideas About Birth”

“Natural Birth Isn’t About Getting a Gold Star”

You Have a Choice (Video) 

“Continuous Labor Support Reduces Risk of C-Section and Other Adverse Outcomes in Women and Babies”

“We Choose Natural Childbirth Because We Know What Goes on in the Hospitals” 

35 Reasons to Choose a Home Birth 

InJoy Birth Education Handouts 

The Amazing Female Pelvis: Designed For Giving Birth 

Creating a Support Team 

Why Should I Consider a Holistic Approach to Pregnancy & Childbirth? 

Guidelines for Responsible Birthing

Positions for Labor 

101 Tips for Having a Natural Childbirth 

“Winning at Birth” 

Lessons at Indian Hospital About Births 

“Doulas Provide Support, Encouragement During Childbirth” 

“They Used to Burn Us” 

Childrens Book: We’re Having a Homebirth! 

Continuous Support for Women During Childbirth Study 

Planned Home vs Hospital Birth: A Meta-Analysis Gone Wrong 

Is There No Place Like Home? Where Women Give Birth is a Contentious Issue Across the Rich World

A great blog follow up to the article above: The Economist’s Refreshingly Even-Handed Take on the Home Birth Debate

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